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Breakaway and Integrated Magnet Videos

Breakaway magnet. This is also available as a kit to retrofit older elevators for all models: 250, 340, 430, 550, 560, and 680. In this video see us hitting a pole, having the feeder being knocked off without being damaged, and being reattached in seconds.


Integrated Magnet. This is a test where 25 6d nails were added a Farm Aid 430 TRM mixer. The ration was high roughage and the mixing time was 3 min. The ration was discharged with a magnet integrated into the elevator. 12 nails were recovered by the magnet. The ration was returned to the mixer and 7 of the remaining 13 nails were recovered by the magnet. 3 more red painted nails were captured by the magnet in subsequent use of the machine indicating that nails not captured in the previous test were still in the machine.