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LED Remote Display

Easy-to-read 4” tall super bright LED display. Each number is 2 times the height of a standard remote display. This is available for both Weigh-Tronix and Digi-Star scale systems.

Magnet: Integrated in Elevator

  • Standard on models 500, 560 and 680.
  • Option on models 250, 340 and 430.
  • Existing elevators can be updated with this option. (contact the factory)


Magnet: on Discharge

Breakaway magnet option. This is also available as a kit to retrofit older elevators for all models: 250, 340, 430, 550, 560, and 680. Watch the video to see it hitting a pole, being knocked off without being damaged, and being reattached in seconds.


Tire Options 560/680

Tire options for models 560 and 680:
Standard: The tire on the left is a 445 X 22.5 tire used on the 560/680.
Most Popular: The center tire, recapped with a road grader tread.
Also Available: Some prefer the tall tire on right, 1600 X 20 military. (Raises height 3.25 in.)

Tire Options 500

Tire options for model 500:
Standard: Used 425 X 22.5 tires.
Available: Used 1400 X 20 Diamond tread.
Also Available: Recapped Road Grader 385 X 22.5.

Tire Options 430

Tire options for model 430:

Standard: (left) is 385 X 22.5.
Most Popular: (not shown) 425 X 22.5 10% wider and our lowest cost option. (Raises wagon 1 in.)
A 445 will hit the tub of the mixer.
Also Popular: (center) 385 X 22.5 recapped with a road grader tread.
Available: 1400-20 military, similar to, but shorter than the 1600 X 20 shown (right). (Raises wagon 3 3/8 in.)

Tire Options 340

There are two options for model 340:

385 X 22.5 (right) (Lowers wagon 1 in.)
1100 X 20 (left)

Bunk Guards

A heavy steel structure that protects the tire and keeps the mixer from getting too close to the feed bunks. It has a removable center section for servicing the wheel. The bigger the machine the bigger the guard. Our smallest is shown on a model 340.

Elevator Hood

To focus the feed better this deflector can be added on to the end of the elevator.

Stop-Turn-Tail Lights

Lighting. We have a Stop-Turn-Tail light option that plugs into the standard 7 pin accessory connector on the tractor.

Loader Bars

Loader bars keep the loading bucket from getting caught in the reel causing expensive damage.

Scale in the Cab

We offer modifications to the scale head wiring so that it may be installed in the cab of the tractor for ease of use. This is popular with the large remote displays.

Other options we offer

  • 540 or 1,000 rpm PTO input
  • Many scale options
  • Electric selector valves that can be used to provide an additional hydraulic circuit if needed
  • Different length conveyors: 3’, 4’,or 5’