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About Us

Gerrit Hup in Corsica, South Dakota established Farm Aid Manufacturing (FAM) in 1971.  It grew out of a feed mixer invented by Gerrit in 1966.  

The family operation grew over the years because they produced quality equipment.  Farm Aid Manufacturing principally built, TMR feed mixers on trailers towed behind tractors.

Local craftsmen still proudly produce all of the equipment in Corsica, South Dakota. 

Today the business is owned by Lance and Jackie Onan. It is now called Farm Aid Equipment, Inc. In addition to producing a quality implement, we focus on building the most efficient TMR feed mixer. We are expanding our vision to include custom engineered TMR feed mixers mounted on trucks and also custom engineered TMR feed mixers for use in stationary applications such as feed mills. The highly efficient mixer is ideal for use in these applications due to the lower power requirements.

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