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Truck Mount

680 Truck Mount

680 Truck Mount

The remote display shown is included in the price

430 Truck Mount

430 Truck Mount

Truck Mount control and scale mounted in the cab

Truck Mount Overview

We offer two different size mixers for mounting on a truck; 430 and 680.

The 430 is different from the trailer mounted version by putting the drive mechanism on the rear rather than the front for ease of maintenance. There is a hydraulic motor in the back to drive the reel. The elevator is driven by a hydraulic motor. The control valve and oil filter is mounted on the front of the mixer. Most service parts are the same as a trailer mounted machine.

The 680 is very similar to a trailer mount except that in the front there is a compact chain case with the drive motor mounted to the outside of it. The control valve and oil filter are also on the front. Most service parts are the same as a trailer mounted machine.

At a high level mounting one of our mixers on a truck seems pretty easy. Farm Aid Mixers don’t take much power to turn so just figure out how to get the power to the reel and go! The reality is that each truck mounted mixer is a custom engineered machine.

The basic idea is that we mount a PTO to the side of an Allison automatic transmission, put a hydraulic pump on it and this powers all of the mixer functions. We only require a peak of about 30 Horsepower to run everything!

To feed, set the truck engine speed idle at 1,000 RPM, put one foot on the brake and modulate the height of feed in the bunks by controlling the speed of the truck, easy. Yes, it is very easy to use once designed properly. Let’s go through the details.

Presentation of our truck mount (overview)    Presentation of truck mount (more technical)

You can click here to download a check sheet to guide you into a truck that will work for you.

Specifications and features are subject to change
Please refer to the table below.  We have revised the way we measure loading height.*  In the past this was the height of the lower side of the mixer. We no longer advise loading on this side for two reasons. If wet hay or CRP is added too quickly to this side of the machine the hay can wedge between the reel and the mixer slugging the machine. If the drive belt is aggressively tightened and the PTO repeatedly bumped to work the slug through, the machine may bend under this load. The other reason we do not advise loading this side is that the reel is turning into the bucket of the loader. Contact between the reel and the bucket could cause great damage. Loading from the other (taller) side, the reel is turning away from the bucket and the likelihood of damage if the bucket contacts the reel is reduced. Also wet hay has a chance to break apart before being caught between the reel and the wall of the mixer.

* Trucks will vary.  This is our best estimate.

Truck Mounted Features Model 430
254 Bu. Mixing Capacity
430 Cubic Feet
Model 680
475 Bu. Mixing Capacity
680 Cubic Feet
Loading Height on 2WD Truck * 8′ 6″ 9′ 2″
Overall height on 2WD Truck * 9′ 10′ 6″
Reel Size 5′ 10″ x 15′ 7’4″ x 15′
Empty Weight of Mixer 6,850 10,256
Overall Length of Mixer 17′ 5″ 18′
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity 55 gal 55 gal
Horsepower to Mix 13 Hp 19 Hp
Horsepower from PTO 25 Hp 30 Hp
Recommended Cab to Axle ~142″ ~142″