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Commercial Duty

Model 680 Left-Hand Discharge

560 Left-Hand Discharge

Model 560 Left-Hand Discharge

Gray/Black model vs. Green/Red model

  • 6 vs 3 discharge paddles
  • Poly protected paddles
  • 3x stiffer side wall (all 680 and 560 made after 2016)
  • Improved rear door

Standard Features

  • Extremely low horsepower usage
  • High density poly liner under auger and mixing spiral for long life and low friction (less fuel)
  • Gentle tumbling action mixes feed faster and better
  • Open spiral design for easy loading
  • Hydraulic drive discharge conveyor
  • Heavy steel construction for long life
  • Sweep belting on the Spiral to mix small grains
  • Ganged grease zerks
  • Chains run in oil baths for long life and low maintenance


  • Right or left-hand discharge
  • Weigh-Tronix or Digi-Star 4-point scales on a swing-around mount
  • Wired or wireless remote displays
  • Wireless zeroing switch
  • New breakaway magnet, click here for a video
  • Bunk guards (tire protection)
  • Loader Bars (protects spiral)
  • 1000 or 540 RPM PTO
  • Stop, turn and tail lighting
  • CV PTO
  • Tire options (size and lug design)

Available stationary or mounted on a truck or trailer

Specifications and features are subject to change
Referring to the table below, we have revised the way we measure loading height.* In the past this was the height of the lower side of the mixer. We no longer advise loading on this side for two reasons. If wet hay or CRP is added too quickly to this side of the machine the hay can wedge between the reel and the mixer slugging the machine. If the drive belt is aggressively tightened and the PTO repeatedly bumped to work the slug through, the machine may bend under this load. The other reason we do not advise loading this side is that the reel is turning into the bucket of the loader. Contact between the reel and the bucket could cause great damage. Loading from the other (taller) side, the reel is turning away from the bucket and the likelihood of damage if the bucket contacts the reel is reduced. Also wet hay has a chance to break apart before being caught between the reel and the wall of the mixer.

* Trucks will vary.  This is our best estimate.

Feature Model 560
390 Bu. Mixing Capacity
560 Cubic Feet
Model 680
475 Bu. Mixing Capacity
680 Cubic Feet
Loading Height on Trailer 8′ * 8′ 7″ *
Overall height 9′ 8″ 10′
Reel Size 6′ 8″ x 15′ 7’4″ x 15′
Empty Weight 12,600 13,400
Overall length 22′ 2″ 22′ 2″
Overall width tire to tire 8′ 9″ 10′ 3″
Overall width with 5’ elevator 10′ 9″ 11′ 3″